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Mein Name ist Katharina Tanzberger, ich lebe in Wien und habe Architektur studiert.
Neben meiner Arbeit in verschiedenen Architekturbüros möchte ich auch über anderes schreiben, so zum Beispiel die verschiedenen Cafés die ich auf meinen Spaziergängen durch die Stadt finde, oder wo man in Wien norwegischen Ziegenkäse bekommt oder ungewöhnliche echt wienerische Souvenirs finden kann.

Auch wenn ich Wienerin bin und hier lebe ist mein Leben immer internationaler geworden, ich habe viele Freunde mit denen ich auf englisch spreche, habe ein zeit lang in Oslo studiert und habe schon vor vielen Jahren Esperanto gelernt...
Dieser Blog wird deshalb auch manchmal Einträge auf englisch oder gar Esperanto haben, die nicht notwendiger weise in die anderen Sprachen übersetzt werden.
Schön, dass Ihr meinen Blog besucht und bitte hinterlasst mir auch Kommentare, das Leben ist doch vor allem Kommunikation, odr?!

Ihr könnt mich auch über Flickr oder twitter erreichen!

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kat's korb

ich näh dann mal schnell einen korb...

schon längere Zeit wollt ich ein Tutorial via pinterest von Juliette Lanvers für Weallsew hier teilen (leider auf englisch, aber die Bilder sind wirklich klar! pdf speichern!); und zwar wie man einen Korb näht!

jaja, klingt verückt, aber es ist echt einfach und macht ganz schön spaß so mit Vollgas auf der Nähmaschine mal 50m Seil zu einem Korb zu nähen.
Ich hab auch schon große Pläne für weitere Körbe, nur brauch ich noch ein bißchen Zeit bis die Realität werden...

Also, viel Spaß beim Korb nähen!

lg, kathi

mein korb


just quickly sewing a basket

i've been meaning to share a tutorial i found via pinterest by Juliette Lanvers for Weallsew; namely how to sew a basket!

sounds crazy, but its super simple and loads of fun to go full throttle with your sewing machine and sew 50m of rope into a basket.
of course i already have big plans for a bunch of baskets, but as usual it will take some time to realize them...

well, have fun sewing your own baskets!

cheers, kat

MMM13 last days

so this was MMM13

i can't believe it's nearly June again! where did may go? and what about MeMadeMay?

My self set challenge - to wear something selfmade 4 days/week did not work out all that great. It turns out i do have a lot of knit items, but not so many garments. And if its warm in Vienna - as it should be in May, handknits often are too warm. The last couple of weeks it has been cold again, autumn like, and it turns out most of my selfmade garments are skirts...
Bottom line, my memade wardrobe needs to be enlarged!

Therefore i will keep trying to incorporate selfmade items into my wardrobe on a more regular basis and also will post here every now and then about it!


day 29

day 29 - my clapotis

voila, my Clapotis, made out of 2 full skeins of Zauberwolle! i remember knitting something like forever (actually only a month or so) on this skein and using a gadzillion of stitchmarkers to keep track of the dropped stitches...

But at the end it is a great scarf/shawl for spring and autumn! oh, and the pattern, by Kate Gilbert, was published in Knitty and is free!


day 30

day 30to honor my first memademay, i decided today to try on a very old selfmade item - corduroy pants. i had a favorite pair of pants and when they finally were worn out, i took them apart and traced the pieces and made myself a new pair. unfortunately it has been several years now and i am not sure about the fit anymore... i probably should just donate them to charity aka humana, but that also seems somehow strange... maybe i should try and let them out a bit - in true mend and make do spirit...

oh, and also starring in this pic are superold handknit socks - they are just great to wear around the house on such a rainy and sad day...

so, this was it, bye bye may,
i am looking forward to next year's MeMadeMay project!

cheers, kat

second week MMM13

short update on Me-Made-May 13

I have been sick most of the week, no going to work or donning clever self-made outfits. I have been lounging in various handknit items though - nothing better than handknit socks to make you feel better!

i did manage to catch a couple of breaths at the fresh air and have some outfits to share from before i got sick!

mystery day 1 from last week,

sporting a breezy cardigan, pattern by Hannah Fettig. a very comfy and cool cardigan, but be warned, this is knit with lace weight yarn on 4.5mm needles - it does take some time and patience to finish! i do love it totally!

mysteryday 2 from last week,

sporting no.2 drape pants from Drape, Drape by Hisako Sato. This is a very fascinating book, full of patterns utilising the drape of - mainly knit - fabrics and by folding and draping them to get interesting draping garments. i made the no.2 drape pants - still a rather simple garment - and totally love them! they are extremely comfy and still look classy enough to wear them to work!

after getting this book and realising it is mainly about knitfabrics i enrolled in the craftsyclass "sewing with knits" by Meg McElwee. This is a very nice way to get started with sewing knits, Meg McElwee gives you a lot of tips on what to pay attention to, what kind of supplies are important etc.

so that was my, not very successful, MMM13- week 2, now off to bed again and back to drinking masses of tea and hoping that this terrible cold finally passes!

cheers, kat